Palindromes that never caught on

I burp a prubi.
Tons o' snot.
Making art -- is it rag nikam?
Stop pots.
"Stress a diva!" David asserts.
Stun Soho's nuts.
Time fools a sloof. Emit.
Flog a dog, o da golf!
Et tur, Brutte?
Snot! Oh Pedro, horde photons!
Evita, Vi: Red Sox answer brews. Naxos derivative!
People have eva help, o ep!
Me? Fun? Hey! Yeh! Nufem!
Ho hu! Uh oh.
Elk City Tickle.
Sparky's y-kraps.
War teb a drag, gard a bet raw.
Sumatra: art am us?
Moody: my doom.
Bach, tab a bath cab.
Maps fo' nit? A tin of spam!

No? Sì! Brahms? M. Harbison!
Looks like a bitee tiba ekil skool.
Stan made edam nats. (VARIATION: Stan got to gnats)
Tons 'n' tons o' snot 'n' snot.
Stunned was I ere I saw dennuts.
Loopy, poopy pool.
Stop DNA! (and pots)
Madam, I'm a big fan of onaf giba ami madam.
Strange begnarts.
Vulgar rag-luv
Ebola, not on a lobe.
Poopy? Oy, poop.
Emit repaper time.
You can not make kam ton. Na. Cu. Oy!
Oops. Dennis, in Ned's poo.
Tons 'n' tons 'n' tons o' snot 'n' snot 'n' snot.
Tons, tons, tons o' snot. Tons o' snot's not snot. (the MARTLER variation.)

Special thanks to Joe "Ebola, Bach" Francavilla, Geoffrey "Pedro, Evita" Burleson, Philipp "Maps fo' nit" Blume, and Martler "Me Fun War teb Looks like Time fools" Button.