Persistent Memory (chamber orchestra)
Piano Concerto
Marilyn Nonken, piano and toy piano
Winged Contraption
Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose,conductor
"Winged Contraption", BMOP/sound 1009.

ÉTUDES FOR PIANO BOOK II, ÉTUDES FOR PIANO BOOK III, Luceole (étude #35), Purple (étude #36)
Amy Dissanayake, piano

Etudes Book I (complete), Etudes Book IV (except #35 and #36, already released on Vol. 1), Etudes Book V (excerpted as follows)
Bop It (etude 41), Wiggle Room (etude 43), Durchrauscht die luft (etude 46), Fra Diabolis (etude 47), What Half Diminishes One (Half Diminishes All) (etude 48), No Stranger to Our Planet (etude 50)
Amy Dissanayake, piano

Amy Briggs, piano
Etudes Book VI, Etudes Book VII, Madam I'm Adam, Pink Tab, Triaddled, and Saltimmano

Cerberus (triple clarinet concerto with chamber orchestra)
Beth Wiemann, solo cl/bcl; Peter Josheff, bass cl; Diane Maltester, cl
Empyrean Ensemble, Ross Bauer, conductor
The Third, Man (etude 15), Fourth of Habit (etude 20), Twelve-Step Program (etude 21), Fists of Fury (etude 25), Roll Your Own (etude 29), Sliding Scales (etude 33)
Marilyn Nonken, piano
Mento for clarinet and piano
Beth Wiemann, clarinet and Christopher Oldfather, piano
Ten of a Kind (for clarinet section and wind ensemble)
"The President's Own" U.S. Marine Band, Col. Timothy Foley, conductor.

Sesso e Violenza (for two flutes and chamber ensemble)
Ensemble 21, conducted by Peter Jarvis. David Fedele and Tara Helen O'Connor, flutes
Attitude Problem (for piano trio)
Hyperblue (for piano trio)
The Triple Helix
Three Songs on Poems of Louise Bogan
Judith Bettina, soprano, and James Goldsworthy, piano
E-Machines (etude #1), BAM! (etude #2). Les arbres embués (etude #7), Corrente (etude #10), Martler (etude #14)
Marilyn Nonken, piano

Ten of a Kind (for clarinet section and wind ensemble)
"The President's Own" U.S. Marine Band, Col. Timothy Foley, conductor.
With music by Stravinsky, Ives, Rodrigo, and Copland.
USMB CD-17, not available commercially
Available online (including iTunes) from Altissimo Recordings

Ten of a Kind (clarinet section and wind ensemble)
"The President's Own" U.S. Marine Band, Col. Timothy Foley, conductor.
6-CD set of live performances at WASBE Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland, July, 2001

Locking Horns (concerto for horn and chamber orchestra)
Daniel Grabois, horn
Sequitur, Paul Hostetter, conductor.
With music by Elliott Carter, Harold Meltzer, and Thea Musgrave.

To Be Sung on the Water and Windy Nights (voice and piano)
Susan Narucki and Alan Feinberg

Three Encores (1991), Musician (1990), Georgic (2000) (poem by Phillis Levin), Sara (2002) for solo piano
Judith Bettina, soprano; James Goldsworthy, piano; Curtis Macomber, violin
With songs by Milton Babbitt, Christopher, Berg, Chester Bicardi, Tobias Picker, and Mel Powell.
"Songs and Encores", Bridge Records 9199.

Snaggle:  #1 Framer's Intent for frame drum (played on dumbek) and #2 Mr. Trampoline Man for talking drum and tabla.
Michael Lipsey, hand drums.
With pieces by River Guerguerian, Eric Moe, David Cossin, Art Kreiger, Michael Lipsey, Jason Eckardt, Mathew Rosenblum, and Morton Feldman.
"so long, thanks...", Capstone Records CPS-8773

E-Machines (Etude #1, 1988)
Stephen Gosling, piano.
With piano pieces by Chet Biscardi, Lee Hyla, Eric Moe, Annie Gosfield, George Tsontakis, Perry Townsend, Joan Tower, and Mischa Zupko.
"Powerhouse Pianists", American Modern Recordings

Sibling Revelry (2002-4, arr. 2004)
"The President's Own" US Marine Band, Col. Michael Colburn, conductor
(wind ensemble arrangements of piano etudes (Zipper Tango, Bop It, Strident, and Moody's Blues))
With pieces by Schwantner, Sousa, Vaughan Williams, Ravel, and Mozart.
Midwest Clinic 2004 live performances

For Wittgenstein (fifth song of "Silently, A Wind Goes Over")
Susan Narucki, soprano. Donald Berman, piano.
On Disc A of a four-disc set with music by many other composers.
"Americans in Rome", Bridge Records 9271.

Zipper Tango (etude #51)
Amy Briggs, piano.
Ravello Records, "Tangos for Piano".

Imaginary Dances (for mixed octet)
Speculum Musicae, conducted by Donald Palma.
With music by Allen Anderson, Susan Blaustein and Sheree Clement.

BAM! (etude #2), Nocturnal (etude #3), Close Enough for Jazz (etude #8)
With music by Henry Martin, Charles Griffin, Tomas Svoboda, Alex Shapiro, Steve Heitzeg, and Elizabeth Pizer.
Teresa McCollough, piano

Hotfingers (solo piano)
Nicholas Phillips, piano.
American Vernacular, New Focus Recordings FCR 144.
With pieces by Mark Olivieri, Ethan Wickman, Ben Hjertmann, Joel Puckett, Mohammed Fairouz, David Maslanka, Luke Gullickson, John Griffin, and William Price.

Sibling Revelry for wind ensemble
"The President's Own" United States Marine Band
USMB CD 29, not available commercially.
With transcriptions of music by Rachmaninoff, Bach, Debussy, and Mussorgsky.
Available on Altissimo Recordings.

Luccicare for 'cello solo
Rhonda Rider, 'cello
MSR Classics MS 1462.
With solo 'cello pieces by Yu-Hui Chang, Jan Swafford, John Kennedy, Laura Kaminsky, Marti Epstein, Dalit Warshaw, Howard Frazin, Jeffery Mumford, and Andy Vores.

Exact Change for flute and soprano saxophone
Jeffrey Loeffert, soprano sax, and Mary Fukushima, flute
With music by Marc Mellits, Christian Lauba, Augusta Read Thomas, François Rosse, Matthew Schoendorff, Igor Karača, Elliott Carther, Benjamin Fuhrman, and Terry Riley.

Étude-Fantasies (piano four hands, intermediate level)
Piano Duo Venti Dita
Piano Duo Venti Dita 884501885508

Pied-à-Terre (violin and piano)
Daniel Stepner, violin and Sally Pinkas, piano
Centaur CRC 3369. With music by Harold Shapero, Irving Fine, Yehudi Wyner, and Yu-Hui Chang.

The Ladies Who Lunch
Anthony de Mare, piano
Piano recasting of the classic Sondheim song, part of the Liaisons Project.

Twelve-Step Program (étude #21) and A Gliss is Just a Gliss (étude 30)
Sung-Soo Cho, piano
Albany Records Troy 1617.

Stolen Moments for chamber orchestra
Sarah Bob, piano
Piano Concerto No. 2 for piano/celesta and orchestra
Amy Briggs, piano/celesta
Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor.
"Stolen Moments", BMOP/sound 1048.

Études Book VIII, Études Book IX, Polkritude and Quietude.
Amy Briggs, piano.

Compass for saxophone quartet
Prism Quartet
XAS Records 103.

Compass for saxophone quartet
Iridium Quartet
Blue Griffin Recording 481.

Mind the Gap (prélude #18), Ghepardo (prélude #48) and Wayo (prélude #51)
Sarah Bob, piano
Recorded and edited.
Avie Records 2401.

In the can

When the Bow Breaks for violin solo
Curtis Macomber, violin
Recorded and edited.

Cantina for wind ensemble
"The President's Own" US Marine Band, Col. Michael Colburn, conductor.
Recorded and edited.

Cantina for wind ensemble, I., II., and IV.
Air Force Band, Bill Drury, conductor.
Recorded and edited. Liner notes written.

Préludes Book I, Études #80, 84, 85, 86, 87
Karl Larson, piano

Three Flutudes
Mary Fukushima, flute