Davy on Spotify

E-Machines (étude #1) on "Powerhouse Pianists"

BAM!, Nocturnal, and Close Enough for Jazz (piano études, uncredited) on New American Piano Music (Innova), performed by Teresa McCollough.

Martian Counterpoint (Albany Records)(5 piano études, Cerberus, Ten of a Kind, Mento)

Études Volume 1 (Bridge Records)

Études Volume 2 (Bridge Records)

Études Volume 3 (Bridge Records)

Winged Contraption (BMOP/sound) with Persistent Memory, Piano Concerto and Winged Contraption.

Tracks from Songs and Encores (Judith Bettina, soprano and James Goldsworthy, piano on Bridge Records: Three Encores: Vocal Ease, Scatter and Vocal Angst. Musician (poem by Louise Bogan and with Curtis Macomber, violin). Georgic (poem by Phillis Levin). And my only published non-étude non-prélude piano piece Sara (in memory of our mutual friend Sara Doniach).

Ten of a Kind (composer uncredited) — Tracks 7-10 on Symphonies of Winds (Altissimo)

Sibling Revelry (Zipper Tango, Strident, Bop It and Moody's Blues) — wind ensemble arrangements of piano études — on the album "58th Annual Midwest Clinic" by the US Marine Band (Mark Records).

For Wittgenstein (fifth song of Silently, a Wind Goes Over), uncredited. Susan Narucki and Donald Berman (also uncredited), Americans in Rome, Bridge Records.

Windy Nights (track 4, composer uncredited) and To Be Sung on the Water (track 18, composer uncredited), on Extraordinary Vistas (Americus Records). The performers are Susan Narucki and Alan Feinberg, also uncredited.  Track list here

Locking Horns, for horn and chamber orchestra, uncredited. Daniel Grabois, horn, Sequitur (Albany Records)

Imaginary Dances (1986, rev. 1988), on this album. This is my first recorded piece.

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No, I don't have a piece called Fourth of a Habit.

Okay, so Sibling Revelry is by me (piano études arranged for band)

And below, Musician, Sara, Georgic, and Three Encores are by me.

Locking Horns is by me.

Imaginary Dances, from 1986, is by me. Lawdy. Je ne l'aime plus.

E-Machines, track 9, is by me.

... and Ten of a Kind, tracks 7-10, are by me, even though it doesn't say so.

Windy Nights (track 4) and To Be Sung on the Water (track 18) are by me.

The first three tracks are by me.