In the works

Projects in the works

In no particular order

Violin concerto for Danielle Maddon and the New England Philharmonic for 2016-17. 18 minutes, one per year she's been concermistress. As of December 14, 6 minutes written. As of January 19, it is finished, and 24 minutes. Premiered April 29, 2017 at Tsai Performance Center.

Piece for Boston Chamber Music Society for April 9, 2017 premiere. String quartet plus oboe. Oboist is Peggy Pearson. Finished in mid August. It is 23 minutes and a lot of notes. Premiere happened April 9, 2017 in Sanders Theater.

Ten instruments piece for Fifth House Ensemble designed modularly so it can be brought with instrumental subsets into schools. In limbo.

Pierrot plus percussion piece (sigh) for Boston Musica Viva for fall 2016. As of April 27, 2016, finished and called Arabesques I Have Known. Premiere was September 24, 2016.

Piece for New York New Music Ensemble. Started at Yaddo, October 2017. Finished November, 2017, 22 minutes, and called Dream Logic.

Piece for two pianos eight hands, no waiting. About 4 minutes written.

Piano Concerto #3 for Geoff Burleson (12 minutes exists, 40-50 minutes target. When I return to it, zero minutes will exist at first). Rebegun, MacDowell Colony, January 2018.

Symphony #7 for NEPhil. One movementThree movements — Water, Earth and Air — finished. Three One more movement to go. Finished, 29 minutes, December 2017.

Commission for sinfonietta from Grossman Ensemble, University of Chicago. For fall 2018.

Préludes Book VI (gibberish titles), two to go finished.

Préludes Book VII (names of colors titles), finished.

Préludes Book VIII (spices), ten nine seven six to go.

Préludes Book IX, ten to go.

Préludes Book X, ten to go.

Prism Quartet and Iridium Quartet have both recorded Compass. Prism's CD dropped in September 2017.

Études Volume 4 on Bridge Records mastered, liner notes written, release December 9, 2016 released.

"Stolen Moments", BMOP/sound 1048, released in digital form August 2016. Physical CD released in late August 2016.

Three préludes for Sarah Bob (#18, #48, #51) were recorded by her at WGBH on May 27, 2016. First edits have happened. Final edits have happened. #18 is to be re-recorded.